Monday, January 31, 2005

I love Gross Anatomy

Many of my fellow students hate it, some of them tolerate it, but I must say that I love my gross anatomy course. I was lucky enough to be paired up with a good group of students with very similar learning goals and expectations. But having a good group does not fully explain my love for the course (though having a bad group can explain why some people hate it). We didn't get to choose our groups, which I think worked out for the best for me, as I've gotten to really know a couple of people I wouldn't have elsewise.

I just find it fascinating. I almost get a little thrill anytime we find an anatomical variation, or when a nerve or vessel suddenly pops into view and I can positively identify what it is. I enjoy exploring the body and discovering how we're all put together. I don't mind the time spent in lab at all (in fact, I'd like to have even more time in the lab); I think I actually get much more out of a 3 hour dissection than studying the notes for 3 hours. In fact, I do have to admit that I rarely study the notes (or go to lecture for that matter), and gross is my best class. (Shh...don't tell my professors that) Perhaps I'm lucky that I never really have to study for the practicals because identification is easy for me, but I the studying doesn't bother me either since I'm so into the material.

Part of my love for gross stems from the fact that I'm a very visual learner. Seeing how things are constructed and connected makes it much easier for me to understand how something works, and what happens when things go wrong. I wish all my classes were like gross anatomy.