Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Submissions for Grand Rounds 33

Azygos, the host for next week's Grand Rounds, has put out a call for submissions.

He writes, "I would like to suggest that next week submissions focus on some personal interaction, intervention or extra steps you took in the course of making a difference in a patients or patient’s families life. To often we here about the bad doctor, insensitive nurse, or the uncaring treatment one has received from a healthcare worker. We never hear about the extra hours put in by doctors, nurses, PA’s, and nurse practitioners to make sure the patient is appropriately cared for. We don’t hear about the classes all of us attend in the course of our practice just to try and stay on top of current therapy and treatment. Patients don’t hear about the five hours of phone calls the provider had to make to arrange a lifesaving treatment. Maybe some would disagree but I think pulling the veil back to reveal some of the intricacies of patient care might give pause to some before complaining about the care they received."

It's a great suggestion; I'd love to hear these kinds of stories as well!

E-mail submissions to Azygos451 AT yahoo DOT com