Monday, March 07, 2005

Long Hours in Residency

Dr Tony has a great post commenting on public perception of long hours in residency. I highly recommend reading all of the comments on the posts written by Megan McArdle. Definitely some food for thought, and some insight on the opinions of those not already wrapped up in the medical world.

I do have to say that I hope they figure out how to maximize learning and care while protecting residents by the time I get to a residency program. Although I should also add that pulling 36 hour days is not uncommon for 3rd and 4th year medical students as well. At 23, I can feel the difference in how I function after 24 hours sleep compared to when I was 18. I can only imagine that it will be much, much worse at 30. And, I'm not a great driver when I'm even a little tired, so I do worry about being able to drive home on no sleep. Those apartments right across the street from the hospital are looking so much more inviting!