Friday, May 06, 2005

Online Neuroethics Resources

Since the ethics of neuroscience research has come up here before, I thought I'd share a few resources on Neuroethics for some fun weekend reading.

Upenn Neuroethics site This site has articles on brain imaging, pharmacologic enhancements and consciousness, as well as links to other sites (some of which are replicated below.)

The Stanford Neuroethics Imaging Group includes a open forum for the discussion of neuroethical issues (though it hasn't quite gotten off the ground).

Neuroethics from the fabulous Neuroscience for Kids site.

Theme issue on Ethical Issues in Neurology from the Ethics Journal of the American Medical Association.

And finally, The Center for Cognitive Liberty which raises some interesting questions, such as the possible issues related to successful memory enhancement. "What if emergency room personnel automatically begin giving memory-diminishing drugs to trauma victims? What if you are the victim of a violent crime and want to forget what happened to you, but need those memories in order to testify or identify the perpetrator? What if you are the only eye-witness to a crime, could the government compel you to take a memory-boosting drug at least until you testify in court?" While I believe many of these potential issues are just as far fetched as those brought up on the Commercial Alert neuromarketing site, it is some food for thought...